Geometrica Fund

Asymmetric investment opportunities informed by rigorous data discovery

About Us

We seek asymmetric investment opportunities informed by the coalescence of rigorous fundamental analysis and alternative data discovery.

The Geometrica Fund aims to deliver outstanding returns to unitholders via highly targeted investments in the global mid-cap equity universe.


The Power of Data

Relevant high frequency data can change the shape of realised investment returns.

It can allow one to detect error early and cut a position; or allow one to detect significant upside risk and run a larger position for longer.

Markets Are Discounting Machines

Buying what is already widely known and thus priced in tends to product mediocre results.

Buying into situations offering significant change, where market participants will be forced to change their views, can deliver very large returns.

Systematic Search

Our ideas are principally generated via a systematic search for far-from equilibrium situations with the potentical to generate significant returns.

This tends to produce highly idiosyncratic investment candidates and ultimately a portfolio that exhibits lower market correlation.

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Investment Manager

Geometrica Management Pty Ltd
76 Campbell Street
Surry Hills NSW 2101

Fund Administration Services

Apex Group Limited
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